Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Cookbook Christmas List: Two Known Authors - One Unknown

Every year I put out my Christmas cookbook  wish list.  In past years, my list has included:
                                           Julia Child:  Baking With Julia
                                           Sheila Lukins: USA Cookbook
                                           James Beard:  Beard on Bread and Beard on Pasta

just to name a few.

This year I have three must haves on my list.  They are:

Alton Brown:  Good Eats 2:  The Middle Years.  
I love Alton Brown.  His show is fantastic and educational.   I have his other cookbooks and they are a  culinary class.   You learn about different techniques, the hardware you need, why you need to cook or bake foods in certain ways.  His cooking books are my reference books for cooking and baking.
Alton's books also have  some recipes.   Some of my favorite recipes of his are Beef Jerky, Cheese Soup, Chocolate Peppermint Pinwheel cookies, Corn Dogs, Green Bean Casserole, Biscuits, Scones, Chicken and Dumplings.  The list goes on and on.


Dorie Greenspan:  I was introduced to Dorie Greenspan's  cookbooks a little over a year ago.  I was looking for a book devoted to pancakes.  Yes, pancakes.  I found a book at the library by Dorie Greenspan   "Pancakes: From Morning to Midnight."  One of the tastiest books I ever checked out.  This started my following of Dorie Greenspan.  Last year,  I received her Baking book - "Baking: From My Home to Yours."  My favorites are her Blondies, Creamy Scones, and Harvest Cake.  Absolutely delicious.

Sarabeth Levine:  This cookbook is my journey into the unknown.  I have read great reviews of her products and I made her  Creamy Tomato Soup that was featured on her blog.  It was delicious.  I also read several of her blog posts and  decided I kneeded her cookbook.    I will let you know in  future blogs about my cooking adventures with her cookbook.

Well, this sums up my cookbook wish list for 2010.    I believe I made good choices.


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