Thursday, March 10, 2011

Smart Eats: Apple Slices With Almond Butter Topped With Granola

Apples are a staple in my house.  It has long been said "An Apple A Day Keeps  The Doctor Away."  In doing some quick  research on the health benefits of apples  I am a true believer of the proverb.

Some apple health benefits are:

1. Bone Protection.
2. Asthma help.
3. Alzheimer's Protection.
4. Lower Cholesterol.
5. Protection from lung, breast, colon, and liver cancers.
6. Diabetes Management.
7. Weight loss.

The are 7,500 varieties of apples of which 2,500 are grown in the United States.  The Red Delicious is the most popular in the United States followed by the Golden Delicious. I  am partial to  Pink Lady  and Honey Crisp apples.

Apples are a quick, easy, healthy, and travel well.  You can grab an apple and go.  Apples are even packaged pre sliced which makes them great for lunches or food on the go.

One of my favorite "Apple A Day Snacks" has three healthy ingredients:

Apples Slices
Almond Butter

Spread apple slices with almond butter and dip in your favorite granola.  MMMM good!

Have you had your apple for the day?

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