Monday, September 17, 2012

New Mexico State Fair

My Favorite MMMM
Almost every year, the family goes to the State Fair.  It is one of our  Fall Traditions.  We like looking at the animals, enjoying the food, taking in the various exhibits, and watching the various shows- Pig Races, Tiger Show, Horse events, etc.
The kids looks forward to the cotton candy and I cannot resist the Caramel Apples.  We munch on our goodies as we are touring the various exhibit halls. I always enjoy looking at the  Canned Goods, Baked Goods,  Quilts, and other handicrafts.  I keep telling my husband whenever we retire, we need a farm with chickens, sheep and a large area with good soil where I can grow things.   This year,  I was so engrossed on hearing about various plants used as dye for yarn I forgot to take any pictures. Add to the above list, a spinning wheel and a loom.
Below are some pictures of this year's  New Mexico State Fair visit:)

Sounds Interesting

Red Chile Kettle Corn Isn't Bad

Making of the Cotton Candy

I  Had To Get In a Chicken Picture


Beautiful Sunflowers
Very Interesting


Canned Goods
The Great Pumpkin

NM State Cookie
More Canned Goods

Waiting To Be Judged

More Fair  Food

Tim's Second Favorite Fair Food


  1. I love all the fair's food! They have chile relleno hot dogs that I get every year. I'm going to the Michael Jackson Laser Light Show, so hopefully I'll be able to seek out some good fair food beforehand or afterwards! ;-) Looks like you all had a great time.

    1. I am sorry I missed that food vendor. I love chile rellenos. I will just have to go back:)

  2. Donut burgers? Intriguing!