Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baked Apples Filled With Fruits and Nuts

Stuffed Baked Apple
This week in French Fridays With Dorie  we made Baked Apples.  Baked Apples are a very simple, yet delicious dessert.   Apples are cored, peeled  half way, and a thin cut is made around the tummy.  This keeps them from bursting.  The apples are then stuffed with a mixture of dried fruit and nuts that have been tossed with honey, a pinch of fleur de sel (if you like) and a pinch of cinnamon( if you choose).  I chose dried cherries, raisins, and pineapple for my apple stuffing with some chopped walnuts.  You can use dried fruits of your choosing.  The apples are then dotted with butter, put in a baking dish with apple juice, butter, and the reserved apple peels.  They are baked for about 75 minutes or until they are spoon tender.    Dorie suggested you  heat the baking juices and pour  the juices over the apples - which I did.  It made them extra tasty.

These baked apples were yummy. Their flesh was tender, not mushy.  I will be making these again.
You can find this recipe on pages 394-395 in "Around My French Table."

Cored and Peels

Cherries, Raisins, Dried Pineapple and Walnuts


  1. Good to know this is a winner! When we make the baked apples, you can catch up with the long and slow :)

  2. Sounds delicious and simple, I will definitely have to try. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Valley Chow

  3. Geri, These look wonderful…now I can’t wait till we make them! I agree with Liz…catch up when we do the baked apples! I think next week I’ll be taking a pass…I’m not a fan of chicken liver. Have a great weekend!

  4. What delicious and great looking apples!

  5. What a happy mistake! The baked apples look wonderful and I know I would really enjoy these.

  6. Can't wait till I make my baked apples for ffwD now!