Sunday, June 2, 2013

Strawberry-Coconut Lassi

Strawberry-Coconut Lassi
Today, I made  Strawberry-Coconut Lassis  for the family.  I found this recipe in the recent issue of Bon Appetit magazine. A lassi is a traditional yogurt drink that originated in the Punjab region.  In this recipe, coconut milk replaces the yogurt.    You take some fresh strawberries and puree them with ice, buttermilk, unsweetened coconut milk, and sugar.  That is all there is to it.   You just pour and serve.  MMM a  delicious and refreshing drink that is easy and quick to make.  Enjoy:)

Strawberry-Coconut Lassi
From Bon Appetit


1 1/2 cups halved hulled strawberries
2/3 cup ice
1/2 cup buttermilk
1/3 cup unsweetened coconut milk
1 tablespoon sugar


1. Puree strawberries, 2/3 cup ice, buttermilk, coconut milk, and sugar in a blender until smooth and frothy.

Makes 2 servings



  1. I love lassis in just about any flavor! This sounds like a keeper!

  2. I have had mango lassis.. they are quite famous.. but strawberries and coconut milk too sounds interesting.. must try this once! Bookmarked :)

  3. I have never had, or heard of lassis! This looks and sounds so delectable! I’m bookmarking this one. Have a great day, Geri!

  4. I like the sound of this, one for sipping outside!

  5. oh yum! this is perfect for the summer!