Monday, June 11, 2012

Olive OIl Ice Cream

Our assignment last week in French French Friday's With Dorie was "Olive Oil Ice Cream. I am a little late with this post  but I needed to let you know how delicious this ice cream is. My family got a bit concerned when I said I was making Olive Oil Ice Cream.  However, when they tasted the ice cream they all loved it.

You make a nice custard-based vanilla ice cream with a fruity olive oil whisked into the cooked custard.   As stated in the recipe, "You want an oil with flavor, but not one with a peppery finish."

Cool the custard, freeze and serve.  The flavor is more vanilla with just the subtle flavor of the olive oil.  Like I stated earlier, the family loved this ice cream.  This recipe is a keeper:)

The recipe for "Olive Oil Ice Cream" can be found on page 479 in "Around My French Table."

Eggs Yolk and Sugar Whisked
Egg Yolks

Milk, Cream, Yolks, and Sugar  
Custard Cooling in Ice Bath
Ice Cream Freezing

Olive Oil Ice Cream


  1. This ice cream sure does sound like an amazing treat. A lot of the others paired it with an additional flavor or topping, however, I would need to try it plain to really make a judgement call. Glad everyone enjoyed it as is there, personal tastes can be so different. Well done!

  2. I'm also (like your family) trying not to be skeptical of the olive oil ice cream! I'll have to try it for myself. First I have to locate some better olive oil, though!

  3. Geri, Your Ice cream came out perfect! We really enjoyed this…it tasted so rich and creamy! Glad you all enjoyed this one…it’s a keeper for me, too!

  4. Yummm ,the ice cream looks delish , thank you Geri for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment :D .